Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My Last QRP Plaque

If you've never placed highly in a contest you may be surprised to learn how long it can take for the plaques to be sent to the winners. This month I many other winners are receiving plaques for the CQ WW SSB 2015 contest. That was 18 months ago, and the results have been out for 12 months.

It made me smile to receive a plaque so long after I decided to exit from QRP contesting, and SSB QRP contests in particular. This made for a special photo opp since I won in the SOAB QRP category two years in a row.

Very pretty. My thanks to the CQ WW outgoing and incoming contest committee and the plaque sponsors. The sponsor, as you can see, is once again Jeff N5TJ.

I do not expect to win a third plaque in this category since QRP is no longer my focus. The best I've done in the CW weekend of CQ WW is #2, which is nice but does not earn a plaque, and now I most likely never will. QRP is a challenge and I salute the QRPers who continue to turn in fantastic contest scores.

If you are a QRP operator please call when you hear me in a contest. Copying QRP signals can be difficult (as I know all too well) but I welcome the challenge. And the points.

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