Saturday, September 12, 2015

Comments, Feedback and Questions

I have an explanation below regarding why the pace of articles has slowed recently. This is temporary, and mostly for good reasons. What I want to focus on is some administrative detail. As blog readership increases and I have to deal with the peculiarities (absurdities?) of the Blogger platform, this is a good time to make some adjustments.

Getting in touch with me

I am always happy to correspond with readers, whether just to say 'hello' or if you have questions about one of my articles. Either of the following email addresses will work: or

Of course you can always leave a comment on the article. But use email when you want a personal response.

Requesting antennas models and more

I do not upload the EZNEC models and other files to general access. I suggest you send me an email with your request. Many have already taken advantage of this offer.

Comment policy

As of today all comments are moderated. I did this so that I can review comments before they are posted. While this can delay their publication for up to a day or two (depending on my availability) it means I was able to remove the spambot challenge for anonymous and uncredentialed commenters.

Blogger has its quirks, of which the comment credential technology is a big one. It is cumbersome and works poorly (or not at all) with some browsers. I am trying to make this easier for you and for me. You can write the most critical comment you like and I will publish it. I will only delete comments that are wildly off topic, abusive, spam or other forms of self promotion.

Feel free to bring to my attention any technical errors. I want to know about my mistakes so I can fix them. However, I'd appreciate that you silently overlook typos and grammatical errors.

Where are all the new articles?

I've been busy. My time has been split between radio activities, summer fun and a host of family and other responsibilities. There are at present several articles partly drafted which will be published once those activities are complete. Some are antenna articles, particularly those on my fall plans for 40 meters and 80 meters. Others are on equipment purchases for my future antenna farm, and changes to my shack equipment.

I foresee quite a few articles showing up over the next couple of months. Right now I am in over my head with things that absolutely must get done before winter, including preparation for the serious start of contest season in October. Recent poor HF conditions have helped to keep me focussed on what's important.

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